Thirty Hours Funding from Dept 2017

From September 2017 families with funded three year olds where both parents are working (parent in the case of single parent families) might be entitled to an additional 15 hours a week free childcare over and above the universal 15 hours.

This link will provide you with more information about this scheme

To obtain this funding you need to have applied before the start of the term.   It takes about 2 weeks for your application to be valid from the confirmation that you are ligible.

The application is processed though the government website .     A code number is issued which has to be given to your care givers.

You will be responsible for keeping your application ongoing (failure to do so may mean that funding is removed).    Updating the information has to be completed before the start of the new term.    

30 hours funding is only available for 38 weeks during the year.

Should you lose your job there is a short period of Grace to ensure that a child can continue with their additional hours.

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