Crowthorne Village Pre-school is suported by a parent committee

We work in partnership with parents and familes and this means that we value your contribution to the pre-school.   To this end the management aspect of the pre-school relies on parents sharing responsibility for jobs like Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer etc.   The more parents who volunteer for these roles the less everyone has to do in total.  Committee meetings are informal affairs where the day to day running of the pre-school is discussed and decisions made about future plans and activities.    The pre-school is of course a non profit making organisation and has to raise funds and this is an important part of the committee's role.

Running a fund raising activity or participating in a sponsored event means that we can renew our resources and continue to offer the children of Crowthorne a true community based pre-school in the heart of the village.    As a parent of a child at the pre-school you are welcome to attend any committee meetings.

All of our parents have something to offer.  It maybe that you speak a second language and can engage the children in songs or stories from other cultures.   It maybe that you have photographic, craft or media skills which could be useful for fundraising.    In the past we have had British Airways Cabin crew come in and we had all the children pretending to be on an plane.

Also remember that we welcome you into our setting.   Small children relish the time their parents / carers spend in the sessions nothing you do when you are in is too small...a few minutes reading to the children in the book corners or talking to small child while you play with dough is really shows children that pre-school is valued by grown ups.   We have a parents rota but you are always welcome to stay and play even if you have not popped your name down.

Time is always of a premium but by participating in the life of the pre-school not only helps us but can also be an additional asset on your CV.

What is certain is that if we have no committee we have no pre-school!

A brief  guide to the pre-school committee

preschool has a committee that  works ‘behind
the scenes’ to keep the preschool running smoothly by organising fundraising
and attending to the business aspects of the school.  See below what each role entails.

Main responsibilities
of the  managers and parents committee

The committee elected by a properly constituted group has the same responsibilities as the owner of a business. It is responsible for:  
The smooth running of the pre-school and for the welfare, care and education of the
children who attend.
Deciding what to buy, ensuring bills are paid, setting fees and fund raising.
OFSTED obligations relating to the premises and insurance are met.
Determining  policies and making sure that the group operates in a non-discriminatory way.
The financial accounts of all the group's activities to present to the members
- and where appropriate, the Charity Commission - for approval each year.
Employing staff, deciding salaries and  ensuring PAYE and National Insurance contributions are paid 
Taking legal responsibility for the group and all its actions (or inaction). If the group gets into legal or financial trouble, members of the committee can in many cases be held responsible.
Set agenda for meetings and chair meetings/AGM.
Ensure Pre-school is run effectively.
Helps with administration of Pre-School if required.
Place advertisements for staff, arrange interviews and recruiting of staff with pre-school
Liaise with and co-ordinate between Managers/staff and committee on any decisions or
actions required.
Do staff appraisals with Managers.
Delegate when necessary.

We have a wages officer (a professional accountant who) is responsible for payment of wages, payments of bills, tax and National Insurance matters. 
Our admin Manager prepares and distributes bills to parents.
The pre-school maintains appropriate accounts.
The treasurer liaises with the Chairperson and committee with regard to staff
wages increase and fees.
Checks the preschool accounts and end of year accounts for committee meetings and
Ensure end of year accounts are audited and signed off ready for the AGM.

Attend committee meetings and AGM and take minutes. 
Distribute minutes to committee members and gives a copy to staff and places a copy
on the facebook group page (excluding confidential information).
Type correspondence as required.
Keeps an updated list of members of Preschool committee and staff  
Organise letters to local companies requesting donations and write and send
subsequent ‘Thank You’ letters acknowledging gifts.