Crowthorne Village Pre-school Sustainability and children's futures

Crowthorne Village Preschool is committed to implementing sustainable practices.  We try to ensure that we practice sustainability daily looking after the world around us today and for our future.  The children we care for today are the custodians of our future world.  Encouraging them to understand the world around them will help promote a better environment for the future.

Sustainability can be considered in terms of environmental sustainability—reducing waste, consumption and protecting and conserving the natural world.   It is also about fairness, equity , sharing resources and thinking about the impact we have on the lives of the future generations both here and in the rest of the world.

How do we do this?

At preschool we have mixed recycling bins and we also use the local bottle bank for our glass waste (such as jars).  We talk about recycling and also discuss how things are made and why we recycle...for example glass is made from sand which is heated, but if we put our glass into the recycling bank the glass can be re used.    

In the garden we have a compost bin so that we can turn waste such as weeds into compost for the veg patch.

Children learn about the natural world by playing outdoors and seeing the seasons as they change.   They sow seeds, plant flowers for insects and also have bug hotels.   The children learn to be kind to insects, birds and other animals.     We grow vegetables and learn about healthy foods.   

We try not to buy cardboard and paper but instead use old cereal packets etc.    We have links with a local charity shop who provide us with drawing materials and other items rather than us purchasing new products.    

We take trips to the local woods and heath land and talk about picking up our rubbish and taking it home.  We have seen first hand the damage Fire can do to the heath when people aren't careful with glass or camp fires.

The annual 10, 000 step challenge - Children are encouraged to keep themselves fit and also to walk.   We take the children for regular walk and when the children are in their final year we aim to have a long long hike across the Heath and through the woods.   The children who achieve their 10,000 step challenge will receive certificates as a reward.

We encourage children to think about the effect that their actions have on others.   We help them learn how to negotiate and resolve their own conflicts according to their developmental levels.....guiding at 2, building skills at 3 and supporting independence at 4. 

Strong resilient children, confident and able to think for themselves about matters which concern them and their communities.