Making the decision about where and when to send your child into formal schooling can be difficult.   We realise how daunting this can be and pride ourselves on working very closely with parents/carers reminding our families when they need to register, how to apply and we then work with them as their children transition into the formal school system by working with all the local schools.   We are always on hand to have a chat about starting school.

Here is some information which may help you to make your choice as to when to send them and where.

Currently Bracknell Forest and Wokingham Borough operate a single intake policy which means that all children start their Primary Education in September.

Bracknell Forest Council
Applying for a school place

The chart below indicates when Bracknell Forest residents can register their child to obtain an application form for starting school for the first time.
Child’s Dates of Birth From To Register Application Forms sent out  Closing date for applications   Offer posted

01.09.15 31.08.16         From May 2019 Autumn 2019 15* Jan 2020 16* April 2020

01.09.16 31.08.17         From May 2020 Autumn 2020 15*Jan 2021 16* April 2021

01.09.17  31.08.18          From May 2021 Autumn 2021  15*Jan 2022  16* April 2022

01.09.18  31.08.19        From May 2022 Autumn 2022         15*Jan 2023                    16* April 2023

To register please call 01344 352000 or register online at

If you do not register your child you will not receive an application form and your child might not get a school place

If you live in Wokingham borough then please check their website as their registration dates may differ. The above applies to those who live in Bracknell Forest Borough. You must apply to the authority where you live not where you attend early years setting.

In our pre-school we work on a ratio of one adult to every five children.  Thus if a child needs help or requires individual support we can always provide this.  When children go into school they can be in a classroom of 26+ children and this means that individual or emotional support cannot always be provided.   We are one of the few countries in europe to send our children to school so early.   There are some children who would benefit from staying in an early years setting for longer. As a parent you can opt to accept a school place and defer your child's school place for a short time if you feel they are not ready.  If you have any concerns discuss this with us and we will offer some advice.

Due to the increase in birth rate there is currently a shortfall of school places within Bracknell Forest and careful consideration should be given to applying for schools.  Bracknell Forest are running sessions to advise parents of children approaching school age how the system works and what to do when making applications.  Should you require further details please speak to a member of staff who can find our more about the times and venues of and future events.

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