Garden/Outdoor play
We use the back garden and as well as playing we run gardening sessions with the children.  This year we have grown beans, cauliflowers, peas, onions,herbs and broad beans in the veggie border as well as spring flowering bulbs in the flower bed.    We allowed some of our veggies to go to seed and they have made fabulous flowers!    The children take seeds in pots home and then return them when they are big enough to plant out.  We look forward to having a bumper crop of pumpkins this year!   We use the flowers and leaves to make Japanese style prints on cloth.

We also have a muddy kitchen where we can make mud pies and did for worms.   Playing outdoors all year round and getting dirty sometimes helps to establish a good immune system.

We  ask that children have a coat and footwear suitable for being outdoors in the wet (and possibly a spare pair of indoor shoes (plimsols or slippers) in their bags) we will be outdoors when the weather is bad and to allow for this they need appropriate clothing for the weather conditions. 

Sometimes we visit the local parks, woodland  and feed the ducks on a nearby lake.  We take regular walks to ensure our children are fit healthy and experience a wide range of outdoor activities throughout the year.

During the summer we would like each child to have a hat and for children to use sun cream.   We provide this and talk to children about sun safety as we apply it before going outside.  We require a written authority to enable us to apply it.

Please label your children's clothes as often they are very similar and we hate getting them mixed up.

Ofsted Self Evaluation Form 2017

We have reviewed Self Evaluation Form (SEF) .   We seek input from children and parents to help us gain a true picture of how our pre-school is doing and also helping us to improve.    If you would like to be part of this process or see the SEF then please ask Judy about how you can help.