Some Pictures of the things we do at Crowthorne Village Pre-school

Small children use their senses to explore the world so sand play, water play and using dough is one way to encourage this.

Using recycleable materials as well as manufactured equipment encourages sustainability but is also great a child is discovering how a slope enables their vehicle to move.  Using different cars, lorries and trains we discovered that some go faster and some go slower.


Using modern technology we can make music and paint as , we drive cars using controls and make light with torches.  We lift flaps and turn knobs.

whether we are indoors or outdoors we can learn numbers and problem solve

Whether indoors or outdoors we explore making marks, drawing and painting

We have a lovely wendy house for children to role play when outdoors

Inside the "Ro's Cottage" we have kitchen units

Having lots of grown-ups means we can play board games and games like lotto which help us to leanr how to take turns, match items, count, learn shapes but most of all have fun playing with our friends.

Manipulating shapes helps us to develop fine motor muscles for use later when we learn how to write.  We also learn the properties of three dimensional shapes and learn the names of 2D & 3D shapes.  Colour, size and position all help us to develop our early Mathematical understanding.

We also learn our sounds and the letters which make them by looking at books, playing phonic games as well as using our puzzle skills.