Our activities all come from the interests of the children but sometimes weekly focus activities do incorporate a thematic element to provide continuity in the learning and allow our families to support their child's learning at home.   However we like to be spontaneous and when a child shows us what they are a specialist in then we will use this as a support on which to develop other skills and if the weather provides us with an opportunity to splash in puddles, make snowballs or fly kites then we will abandon the hall for a walk.

We will also have fun when the children bring something that they have found or are interested in (it might be a fir cone or leaf or a book or toy) we will encourage them to talk to the other children and adults about their item (this will encourage confidence in talking to others and help to develop their language skills).   Please note it is best if these items are labelled (if they are toys/books etc.) and they should not be too precious because you will appreciate that sometimes items brought from home maybe handled by other children and can get damaged in this process.

Our garden area allows the children to grow fruit and vegetables as well as plant flower seeds. Children use real tools and learn how to compost weeds and recognise nettles and brambles.