Every child is important to us and because of this we work very closely with the children and families/carers.    From time to time a child may need additional support sometimes for a short while due to a family issue and other times on a longer time scale because of additional needs.  We pride ourselves on offering a high adult child ratio to allow us to work with every child as an individual when they need us....something many settings no longer have.  


We work within the framework of the early years foundation stage and can accommodate children right up until they start school. 

Our high ratios allow us great flexibility when working with children and individual attention something which many school units cannot offer. One adult for every 5 children (1/4 for under threes)


The Early Years Foundation Stage as provided by Crowthorne Village Pre-School


Children start to learn about the world around them from the moment they are born.  The care and education offered by Crowthorne Village Pre-School helps to continue to do this by providing all the children with interesting activities that are right for their age and stage of development.    By choosing their own activities and working with what interests them children are motivated to learn and this helps build a firm foundation to their early learning.


  Snacktime offers the chance to drink Milk or water and have a snack before we play again.  Adults sit at the table and encourage social skills, support conversations and the development of manners.

We have two dedicated baby changing units for younger children still in nappies

Older children are supported through toilet training and encouraged to become independent.

Our kitchen allows the children to participate in simple cooking  activities such as baking cakes, bread and pancakes.

For children between the ages of two and five years, the Pre-School provides learning through the Early Years Foundation Stage of education.  A full copy of this may be viewed at 

The early Years Foundation Stage covers seven key areas of development:
Prime areas (to support the under threes)
Personal, social and emotional
Communication and Language 

Specific Areas (for progression through the latter stages of the foundation stage)
Understanding the World
Expressive arts and design

For each area there are early learning goals, which are what most children should know and be able to do by the end of their reception year in school.

We track each child’s progress in a learning journey to help us provide the right activities and help each child move towards achievement of the early learning goals.  Parents are encouraged to add items into the learning stories and to provide ideas for activities.

Characteristics of Effective Learning
We measure how effectively children are learning by observing how they play and explore, how active and involved they are and how they think and learn to do things for themselves

Personal Social and emotional development

This area of covers:
o Making relationships
o Self confidence and self awareness
o Managing feelings and behaviour

Communication and Language 

This area covers:
o Listening and attention
o Understanding
o Speaking

Physical Development

This area covers:
o Moving and handling
o Self care

At two the pre-school will undertake a review of development known as The Two Year Old Progress Check. This will identify how development is progressing, plan for future activities at pre-school, suggest things that can be done at home to support the individual child and highlight any areas of possible concern. Parents can then share this with their health visitor.

Children who establish these skills are well placed to progress towards the specific areas. 


This area covers:
o Reading
o Writing

This area covers:
o Numbers
o Shape, space and measure

Understanding the world

This area covers
o People and communities
o The world
o Technology

Expressive arts & design

This area covers
o Exploring and using media and materials
o Being imaginative

 If you have a child who is already at pre-school who is two then at half term you will receive your child's two year progress reviewwhich you are asked to share with your health visitor when they undertake the two year old check. If you have a child just starting you will receive your child's progress check at the end of their first term. This is to allow them to settle and us to really get to know every two year old before we undertake the check.Crowthorne Village Pre-School uses the Early Years Foundation Stage supported by regular observations and learning journeys to help trace each child's progress and to enable us to provide the right activities to help all of the children achieve their potential. The setting endorses the concept ofThe unique child - were each child is a competent learner from birth who can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assuredPositive relationships - were children learn to be strong and independent supported by loving and secure relationships with parents and a key personEnabling Environment - A stimulating and varied environment supports and extends children's development and learningLearning & Development - children learn in different ways and at different rates and all areas of learning are equally important and intertwined As a parent you are the most important part of this process so we will work with you and your input into your child's learning journey will be actively encouraged.   Your child will be allocated a key worker to help them settle and regular reviews of their progress will be held but we also have a friendly and open approach and will constantly let you know what your child has been doing face to face when we see you in the setting.   Likewise we will encourage you to talk with your child and feedback to us about their likes and activities which we provide for them.